30.04.,1-2.05.2008 WARSZAWA, POLAND

Emancypunx & Refuse invite you to this year’s edition of the VALPURGIS NIGHT festival, organized since 1996. Since the beginning, the goal of the festival has bring to the foreground the role women play in DIY culture, hardcore/punk scene and within counterculture movements. Valpurgis Night is an opportunity to speak out against sexism, social and cultural gender inequality, and homophobia. It promotes freedom of expression, equality, awareness and diversity within an underground/DIY culture. For years the festival has been one of the most important independent underground cultural events in Poland.. GIRL-POSITIVE! QUEER FRIENDLY!

DAY I (wednesday) THE MAIN EVENT

30.04.08 CDQ, ul. Burakowska 12, 17.00, door 20zl (5 euro)

1st floor:

BEYOND PINK (Malmo, Sweden)
This is their second time at the fest after great show during 2004 edition. The ladies of Beyond Pink emanate immense energy through fast raging angry hardcore with some melodies and tempo changes fronted by two vocalists. This is definitely something for all those into fast hardcore, as well as riot grrrls sounds and tradition of the 80’s swedish hc/punk. Their message is political, feminist oriented and reflects anger and critical views on issues like macho/sexistculture, violent dancing, cops, pro-life fundemantalists or corporate capitalism. Raging stuff! Their full length LP "Jedan dva jebla te ja" was released on Emancypunx Records, new 7"ep called "Try this at home kids" out soon on Emancypunx as well. //

AGATHA (Milan, Italy)
All-female band putting out solid, unconventional, boarder-bending
hardcore / noise / riot grrrl with a sound akin to Unsane, Sonic Youth, Helmet, Fugazi and Sleater-Kinney. Their new single "Getting dressed for death metal party" 7"ep/MCD just appeared, among others, on Stress To Death Records, a
queercore label from Italy.

EYE FOR AN EYE (Bielsko-Biala, Poland)
One of the outstanding Polish bands, EYE FOR AN EYE has been active since years. Powerful female fronted hardcore punk. Their latest album "Gra" came out on Pasazer Reords. // //

ZIMBABWE (Vilnius, Lithuania)
All-girl band from capital of Lithuania with their catchy punk rock with ska influences. Recently Siwa from Polish band Pogotowie Seksualne joined their line up to make Polish-Lithuanian connections more solid! //

C.B.A. (Berlin, Germany)
C.B.A. means Confused Being Alive, is a Queer/transgender straight edge DIY hip-hop/ rap group proving that the underground has room for individuality and freedom of expression. This act has been known to us
since their show at the 2006 faq! festival in Warsaw. Part of CBA comes out of the all female straight edge band HC - STOERENFRIEDA.

Fast skate-hardcore thrash in the vein of Crucial Unit, What Happens Next? and Municipal Waste, with a good sense of humour . 100% male, for a change. Their last recording was a 7"ep aplit with Comrades put out by Stress To Death Records. //

A joint project by Geffen Miron (Geffen3) and Kakao Katze, two artists of african and asian descent. Together they form an explosive mix thecall "oriental stereo chicken." Their music is multileveled, finding influences in many
different styles, but based mostly within the conventions of electro-post punk / kampdisco - out of this mash-up rises the broken ego of Britney Spears. The project is a reflection of a time (the 21st century) and a place (Berlin), where styles and eras are interwoven. Dance! Dude!

THE FIGHT (Warszawa, Poland)
...and in addition Riga, Bychawa, and Dresden. 50/50 girls/boys positive hardcore with driving punk feel, and a pro-feminist/pro-girl message. The band includes former and current members of EMMA GEE, ANYWHERE BUT
DELICJE (Warszawa, Poland)
New local female fronted 77 punk rock band combined with melodic noise .

Drag King: DK Toni Transit (Berlin)
A special performance by Toni Transit, animator of the Berlin Drag King scene and member of the famous drag ing group Kingz of Berlin.

+ Happenings/Performance art and other attractions...

2nd floor:

DJane Tina Pornflakes (Milan/Berlin) glaive electro music/techno
DJane Mary Flower (Buenos Aires, Argentina) & Laura Synthesis (London, UK)
DJane Pinkshot (Warszawa) new wave elektrrro pink,
DJ Rude_Fag (London/Warszawa) queerpopnoize

Distros: Emancypunx, Refuse, Stress to Death (Italy), Revenge Of The Nerds, and others.
Vegan food available at the fest.

1.05.08. UFA, ul. Marszalkowska 3/5 (1st floor across from Teatr Rozmaitosci)

beginning at 14.00. Free entrance.

" Dismantling patriarchy using Jedi Mind Tricks"- Flopi (Buenos Aires, Argentina) & Laura Synthesis (London, UK)
Flower & Laura welcome males, trans, intersex, females and all those who identify with the women’s cause in quest for sex/gender equality to this workshop. We will delve into the Dark side and beyond in an attempt to deconstruct, resignify and integrate sex/gender. The ultimate aims of the workshop will be experience sharing, awareness-raising, empowerment, mental enhancement, innermost transformation and collaborative endeavour so that we can keep on tracing the lines of a future -HERE AND NOW- we are so dearly longing for.

Maria Florencia "Flopi" was the singer in an all female Argentine straight edge hardcore band, VENUS GENETRIXXX (featured on the Emancypunx compilation "xThe Sisterhoodx"), and currently dj’s
at an anarcho-punk club in Buenos Aires, "Salón Pueyrredón" (as Djane Mary Flower). She’s involved in political activism, ie.participated in the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre (2005) and Caracas (2006).
Laura is the author of the feminist straight edge zine "Synthesis", begun in 1995, runs a distro (mainly zines and books), is active in London anarchist women’s collectives and co-runs the London Social Centre Network.

"Anti-oppression based childcare"- Pavel (Prague, Czech Republic)
Few years ago, people in anarchist scene focused on anarcho-feminism realised that they need some space to meet, share experience and live, at least for a while, anarcho-feminism in praxis. So an idea of annual summer camp focused on anarcho-feminism and (self)-education, with emphasise on children, came out. Idea of space that have gave us possibility to discuss, play, learn and interact(but also argue and get upset) more deeply and more complex than during usual work days or weekends. Space that have let us explore anarcho-feminist principles in praxis. Now, after a few years, we could share our experience and talk about difficulties we have been facing as well as about joy and excitement we have experienced.

Pavel is an activist working with a Czech anarchofeminist organization running summer camps for children and their parents focused on an antiauthoritarian and antisexist framework for raising children. Pavel also works with other groups (antifascist, anarchist, animal rights), is the editor of the hc/punk zine "Move your Ass", involved in "Akontra", (anarchist magazine from Czech Republic), and plays in the vegan straight edge hc/punk band SPES EREPTA.

"Ad-busting for beginners" A-fe collective (Warszawa, Poland)
The omnipresent advertisement is attempting to assassinate our free will, terrorizing us with consumerist propaganda. Ad-busting is our counterattack! In a workshop run by Warsaw anarchofeminist group A-fe, we’ll use existing ads
for our own purposes.

"Independent spaces" - film and discussion.
A series of independent films including "Schwarzer Kanal" (dir. Cara Holms)
After the film screening we invite the audience to participate in a discussion with guests from Schwarzer Kanal, a trans/queer/women’s boxcar squat in Berlin. Squatters from Switzerland and Austria, as well as Warsaw’s Elba will also be present to share with us their experiences of alternative living.

Show, start 21.00, door 5zl (2 euro)

SUGAR CRASH (Dresden, Germany)
The 1-2/1-2 upbeat punk style from all female team from Dresden, featuring Luise of THE TANGLED LINES on Bass.

STAHLKIND 3000 (Linz, Austria)

female fronted Anarchapunkrock with an anarchofeminist message.

DJane Pinkshot (Warszawa) new wave electrrro pink
DJ Robo (Warszawa) 70’s & 80’s girl-punk jams
distros (Emancypunx, Refuse & more)
+ vegan food


1.05.08 UFA, ul. Marszalkowska 3/5 (1st floor, across from the Teatr Rozmaitosci) start 15.00, door 1,- (0,5 euro)

A cinematic chillout with documentaries

The program includes:

"Too Queer For MTV 2" - a sepcial presentation by Claude (Bildwechsel Hamburg)
"Uwaga Warszawa" (dir Andrea Kuhne) - a German documentary about the 2006 Valpurgis Night festival. The film features interviews with artists organizers, and audiences as well as fragments of performances by Lynn Breedlove, Greg Bennick, The Tangled Lines, Amanda Woodward, Zlodzieje Rowerów, Daisy Chain, Pogotowie Seksualne and more!
Plus: riot grrrl / girl-punk / hardcore music videos

A complete listing of films coming soon.

distros. / vegan food

We expect other attractions, so be on the lookout for more info!

Attention! These days are packed with other events as well, including Warsaw’s May 1st anticapitalist/anarchist demonstration, as well as a vegan breaskfast (Saturday, May 3rd) at Cykloza (ul. Hoza 62). More details to come. It looks like it’ll be worth planning a longer stay in Warsaw as April turns to May.

Join us! // //