Another page torn off the calendar
Another year that didn't change anything
The same old shit surrounding us
Another friend goes off into the sunset

Surrounded by increasingly younger faces
We treat their youthful beliefs cynically
We think their enthusiasm is naivety
But that what's all around doesn't disgust me any less.

Fucking reality leads to insanity
Cynicism, bitterness, nihilism, auto - destruction

Without hope, but still unwilling to accept
We cannot deal with the pressure of everyday life.
The frames of sensitivity are over - taut
They break, pushing you into the arms of frustration

Waiting until the end brings salvation
We struggle in a cage falling in exhaustion
Escaping in addictions, temporarily losing oneself.
In the blood which daily flows in our veins.


FILTH OF MANKIND - pola sendependa crust/punk/metal bando ludanta akran, pezan , senluman muzikon en stilo de AMEBIX, MISERY. Ili mem diris pri sia muziko: "apocalyptic punk"... Jen la ligiloj de F.O.M. - oficiala TTT-ejo ; MySpace