This has been a fascintaing experience, I'm not finished yet I have duplicates to try and erradicate next.

As fairly new photographer and artist this has been quite a learning experience.

I had a film camera years and years ago, Pentax MX if I remember correctly...I took one or two good pictures some of which I have scanned and posted on Flickr and on here but sadly with the cost and inconvienence of wet photography that camera was never anything more than a tool for snapping my growing family. But how times change, from the first poor digital camera, through OK Fujis and Panasonics to a good Canon. I've had the pleasue of reviewing my past work from 2006 or so.

I can see how my technical, composition and creative skils have grown. I can see several key styles in my I suppose thanks are due to Flickr for making me review my past! Making me appreciate what's good and what's bad and giving me new direction!