So, I think I've finally got my entire Flickr stream over here now. Ipernity has been obviously working hard to deal with the huge influx of us Flickr refugees. Now... a huge amount of editing, creating & stocking sets, then working on my groups here lies ahead. Daunting indeed.

Meanwhile, my dislike for Flickr's direction grows. I'd been on a two week trip to the west coast, and I finally logged back in only to find a new, very ugly and annoying navigation banner from Yahoo. (sigh) And you can't turn it off. And there seems to be a universal hatred for it over there, which means Flickr/Yahoo will never change it. It's just one thing after another over there, one thing after another that makes me feel like dumping Flickr for good and staying here only. After I really get settled in here, we'll see.

Well, much to do. To my old Flickr friends who've migrated here, good to see you. To new Ipernity friends, nice to meet you.