Seamless export from Aperture/LightRoom/iPhoto to ipernity Uploader

Hi all,

Knowing ipernity uploader plug-in for Aperture doesn’t exist yet so I’ve created a workaround to export Aperture images to ipernity Uploader seamlessly.

What you need:


  • Create a “watch folder” on Desktop called “upload to ipernity” or something, up to you.

  • In Hazel (System Preferences/Hazel), create a new rule for that “upload to ipernity” folder, like so:

  • Export your images from Aperture/LightRoom/iPhoto into that “watch folder” – including all the tags/geotag…

  • Hazel will automatically launch ipernity Uploader with your images (fully tagged/geotagged), and also marks the previous image/batch in green lable in the “watch folder”.

  • Upload!

Please let me know if you need any help.