HI everybody
I'm a former flickr member and a doll restorer, I've just cancelled my pro flickr membership just after the changes they made. I hate the new version and it doesn't even work properly with a new bug every morning ! Ipernity looks so easy to use, pics download very quickly and I like the way the team communicates with members !
I apologize in advance for the huge amount of old pics I'm importing from my flickr account ! No I won't import my whole gallery (lol), only some very old pics I don't want to be lost and then a few recent ones. I will keep my flickr account but won't post new pics so far, I don't have the heart to do that ! Ipernity looks so much neater to me. Thanks for welcoming us !!! Even flickr fixes the problems or offer a more interesting version, I will stay on Ipernity as I hate the way members have been treated on flickr !
It is nice to see former flickr friends here and meet new ones :o)