One recent Sunday i drove home along the freeway.It's the middle of spring and we were enjoying one of those golden evenings you occasionally get. As i drove, the sun crept towards the horizon, bathing the skyline and the clouds in red and gold.The Eagles were singing about that peaceful, easy feelin', there wasn't much traffic, body and mind unwound as i relaxed into the seat. You get a big sky view on that freeway, and i could see birds wheeling as darkness descended. Sometimes llife can be purely idyllic.

Of course, next thing i wanted was to immortalise the moment, but strangely it didn't seem like a good idea to drive with one eye in the viewfinder and a hand clutching the camera.Especially since Oscar is a stick-shift. ^ - ^

By the time i got into the city, Witchy Woman was on the airwaves and night had fallen. Time to start a new week.