*sigh* there's just not enough time!

i like to : look at the images, think about them - composition, colour, light, meaning, technique (ok, and I'm a slow thinker); get to know the photographer, sometimes the subject and intent, others the technique involved; learn a new way of seeing the world; make some friends.

Groups introduce the work of photographers I haven't seen before, too. It's brilliant! But sudden data overload, system crash!

Like kid in candy store i want to be everywhere, see everything, and think about it too (ref para 1) Not to mention participating in group life, checking out my networks' new work (back to para 1 again), just chatting. This in addition to leading realtime life with attendant needs and demands, and engaging offline social network before they think I've turned into a zombie. But worst of all, it cuts into time to go out, take the shots and think about my own stuff- not to mention the editing (*Groan*).

So, apologies if i seem to come and go. Am working out a balance.

But, it's great to be a kid in a candy store