I've been wondering how the powers that be at flickr are feeling today. After the mass exodus of yesterday are they reeling? Maybe they're realizing the error of the changes they made but maybe not. What I do want them to realize though is when you are a huge public company with kaziilions of customers you take the proverbial tiger by the tail, and that tiger can spin around and bite you in the bum faster than you can say New Format! I think flickr made the mistake of treating us, the customer, like a pet tiger and failing to recognise that you can't tame this writing mass of hummanity. We have teeth and minds of our own. Don't get me wrong it's not that I don't think flickr have the right to make whatever changes them deem fit to their own product, they do! It's just that I want them to understand that I also have the right to give them an atomic wedgie before cheerfully sailing out the door. So there!

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