Seeing as there's this awesome Articles section here at ipernity, I thought I'd start posting some of my doll blog stuff here too. So here goes. From the begining...

Doll Memories

Back in the stone age when Barbies did not have articulated joints, and few had locks which were any other color than blonde, I discovered dolls. It was due in large part to my lovely Grandma who I adored.

My Grandma was my first ever kindred spirit. She brought me back dolls of all shapes and sizes from the countries she visited during her world travels. Among the treasures that made their way back to me in Grandma's suitcase were, a lovely little Chinese doll from China Town, New York, a set of 6 beautiful Russian Nesting dolls (although not from Russia), a toy kangaroo with a baby joey in her pouch and a toy Koala from Australia. She also gave me many other dollies which were no less precious to me for not coming from far off lands. I remember wanting a baby doll with brown eyes like me, and my Grandma searched high and low until she found Kerry, the perfect brown eyed baby doll! Another time she bought me an adorable Grandma and Granddaughter doll set, it wasn't fancy or expensive but it was so very precious to me because it reminded me of my Grandma. Another time while my family were all on holiday in Wales Grandma bought me a beautiful doll in Welsh Costume which we together named Gwendolyn. Of all the treasures that made it home to me I still have the Russian Nesting Dolls. Right now they're sitting on my daughter's art desk upstairs watching over her like they did me. I think if there was a fire and I could only grab a few things I'd choose my kids, my hubby and those Russian dolls. Why? Because they're filled to the brim with my Grandma's love and the memories we shared together. 10 years ago Grandma made her last and most exciting journey to Heaven to meet her Savior. I miss her terribly but I know I'll see her again one day and I sure hope there are dollies in Heaven!

Ta Ta for now dolly peeps!