I never thought I'd say this but I'm kind of over flickr. Their new format is a problem for me as, for some reason, I've been having a hard time processing all the data. Maybe it's because my brain is overwhelmed by the size of the pictures, or that finding my way around has become as confusing as navigating downtown traffic in Toronto. Or maybe it's because I feel like I need a large stick to pry apart the pictures that are all squished together. And all this without any prior warning. That's not to say that I've actually jumped ship, nah I'm too wimpy for that. I don't want to loose the friends I still have there but I'm so disappointed wth their new format. So what's a Coconut to do? After feeling a bit stupified at first I created a page on ipernity as a back up plan. It seems that many others had the same thought as me because the day after flickr's changes saw flickr members leaving like *rats pouring out of a burning building. So what do I think about ipernity? I'm actually pleasantly surprised. It's a lot like the old flickr format and it has this awesome Articles section where I can blah blah blah to my hearts content. As I'm a big talker that's a BIG plus!
Anyway I have no idea if I'll be bailing from flickr...I'm waiting to see what the powers that be do with the outpouring of complaints that they've gotten. Till then this Coconut is straddling the fence.

Thanks for reading,

*I mean no disrespect to anyone who left flickr. And I'm definately not calling anyone a rat! I just meant to creatively point out the sheer numbers of us who left flickr for ipernity. Thanks :)