On July 26th-29th, My family and I went to BeiDaiHe. In chinese BeiDaiHe means "north Dai river", but it doesn't means a river, it is a beach north from the Dai River. Yes I love sea swiming in seawater makes me fell perfect! When I swim along in deep water area far away from the beach, No one there,silence, completely silence, it makes me feel lonely, helpless, but it is good, I think, better then best. It is the newest experience have never feft.

We went to there by drive a car towards JinShen high speed road. It takes about 4 hours, we toghter 21people, and cost 350RMB for three days each one including gas change. It is very cheap, I think, and we eat very good.

In fact I went to BeiDaiHe every year. becouse I love sea, Fall in Love. So during the three day I nearly do nothing but swim. It is wonderful.

This trip I use my new camera Nikon D80, which I bourght from MaLianDao Beijing, to take lots of picture. About 400picture I take and some of them are good. This Good picture I will show on album.