I asked this question on flickr but I will also ask it here. The issue is the same the websites used may differ. I am not looking for advice to make money more a survey on it is working out for other people. And I just like to ask questions.

I have a question for anyone looking at this. One of my contacts has raised the issue of using flickr to promote themselves and their art in a productive manner versus other outlets for their art. So my question is this, has flickr paid off for you in any way as far as making money or marketing your art that led in a knowable way to work or contracts or sales? Also perhaps like me you have a zazzle or cafe press of one of the many other one off printing sales sites. Have you made any money off of those sites, how has it worked for you, do you spend a lot of time marketing, is flickr part of your marketing, or do you do it on that site or do you use your own site? I am not looking for money making advice, I am really wondering how all this web 2.0 social site, showing off your work, working out for you, or are you like me more interested in the exposure of your work. Or like me, are you torn about moving up a level on the seriousness of creating art to do it for some part of your livelihood and actually believing enough in your work to see if you can actually produce in this manner. I see lots of very talented people here and wonder how they fit in on this stuff. Some of you I know are professionals, some are not, so I figured I would put this out there and see how people respond.

Again, I am not looking for advice, just what are you doing and how is it working out for you.

thanks for those who participate in this discussion.

ta ta for now