You may have noticed my latest pictures called Thingasaurus Walkers,

I took my old sculpture from school and put a leash on it and started off a series of pictures that began as if taking thingasaurus on a walk or hanging out with the cats. I then took it outside to the North Cove of Battery Park City which is a harbor filled with sailboats and yachts. I just sat there and waited to see if I could find any brave souls to hold thingasaurus or walk it so I could take a picture. For an hour I managed to troll three brave souls. Funny some people were interested and even came over to ask questions, most people threw me a glance but then kept on walking, one guy stopped to ask me about thingy but balked when I asked to take his picture. As you can see the one young man I took his picture from the back so as not to intrude too much.

This was an interesting experiment not only for the other people involved but for me to see how much I was willing to put myself out there looking kind of goofy hanging out with my thingy with camera in hand seeing if anyone would catch my eye. I did not go and ask people I felt that this should be a self selection.

Well this was one experiment and I think it was interesting to me enough to provoke some more and to turn some of my picture taking away from me to others around me. Who knows where this will lead for me, I don't.

ta ta for now.