Went to the Playwrights Horizons Theater to see Three Changes, we won tickets for 5 dollars each. And boy am I glad that was all I paid. This play had Dylan McDermot who used to be on Boston Legal or something like that on TV and was really good and had one of the actors from ER who played the female lead. Act one almost led us to leave at intermission. The writing just didn't make sense, the logic was stilted and the acting was really stiff, wooden and the actors didn't speak to each other instead launched lines into the ether with polish on each delivery, it totally destroyed my suspension of disbelief which is essential for the audience to bridge the gap between them and the actors on stage. I was completely aware that I was watching a play and had no feeling of being drawn into the action whether it be physical or emotional. Not that the play had no good points, one actor a young man who played a young wealthy now street homeless hustler was actually the best of the lot. He had more to work with and his delivery had the level of glee and snarkiness that fit the character. And he did seem to be straining to fill his part as the rest of them did. After act one, at least the level of the intensity grew to raise some greater interest in me, but the story was just too creepy and sad for me to enjoy. What the review called a dark sardonic comedy I guess to me was a creepy twilight zone rip off done on stage. Nothing new was learned about the characters, to me it was hollow upper west side people meet two sociopaths. And the ending was just plain stupid and even creepier. So although we were glad to go out to see something, this something was a real let down. By the way, this theater company has a much better track record than this and my expectations were truly dashed by this production. For better next time.

I am loving the deep reds of the sunsets we are having at the end of this summer, they are wonderful and everyday I just love feeling and appreciating the light, cause it is all about the light.

ta ta for now