Went to a play, animal from paper, a play with origami in the center with three characters two adults and a teen with interesting emotional entanglements and cross purposes all going on with origami as the connective tissue. The dialogue was very well written but the story arc was a bit rough at the ending. I enjoyed the play a lot and it was a fun night out. One of the interesting elements is the teen bringing in rap rhyming, the actor was a VJ on MTV and a member of a music comedy troupe. All the actors were a pleasure to watch.

We went and saw SpeigelTent, one of the shows here in NYC. Speigel Tent is a special tent originating in Belgium and is the center of entertainment and only a few survive around the world. One is set up here in NYC at the South Street Seaport and has a couple of shows running. The one we went to is called Absinthe and consisted of a kind of MC ringmaster called Gazillionaire with his side kick called Penny who was a type of lewd Lucille Ball. The acts were cirque to Soliel acrobatics, contortionists and gymnasts. But with an erotic overtone. There was two guys both young good looking doing what I call gay acrobatics, in green monster underwear. Then there was a skinny bendy girl, two very attractive trapeze artists doing a very erotic heterosexual act. And a wild roller skate act. There was a very talented singer who also did a humorous act which I ended up involved in by having to help her down from one part of the audience, she ended up draped over my shoulder. Many people told me I should have started spanking her like a nasty boy but I was kind of stunned by the whole thing, and I was told I turned bright beet red. Fun was had by all. It was a very fun night. Best thing I have ever seen at what is usually a tourist trap slash mall.

So the summer has been good if a little hot and humid with lots of summer storms. I hope to go to more fun things before the end of the summer. We did make it to governors island which was lots of fun.

ta ta for now