School will be starting soon again, I am taking two classes this semester, I need statistics and I am taking a video technology class, the latter is not part of my degree program but it is interesting to me and I am working more and more with the video people in my work group. This week I was doing portraits, something I have no background in despite doing lots of picture taking. I am not really a photographer, nor formal training nor real background in the craft. But I am learning what I have been doing wrong. I am good at posing people and loosening them up for better shots, my biggest downfall is of course, light. And from I read lighting is the key to it all right up there with the human touch of poses and all that. So I use photoshop and still came out with better stuff than what was given to us by another department. I am also doing the narration, I am a self slight taught sound engineer. Sigh I wish I really knew what I was doing. Oh well my audience is happy.

Went out for a birthday dinner at a place called Vongs, it is a French Thai fusion and it was wonderful, I had warm asparagus salad and duck ala"orange, done in an Asian style, it was fabulous. Dinner was one of those chocolate cakes with a gooey center. Yummm! But I will say our other favorite dinner place Chanterelle is a bit classier and the service is a notch up from what we had last night.

Tonight off to the theater to see a play about making animal origami and lessons of life. Friends have seen it and have given the play high reviews. We belong to a discount theater ticket group so we try to get out on a semi regular basis and get in some culture.

I have a picture on flickr with the question, what is dangerous art? And does that even exist, can art really be dangerous, or is that wishful thinking on the part of the artist. I know that artists do reflect changes in the society that they live in, but are they in someway a catalyst? I am not sure so I put the question out there and have yet to hear back. Any takers here?

Teejaybee got my traveling man picture, much to my surprise and has been taking him around all over down under. This is mind boggling and so cool to me, plus I sent him some of my art work and he just blew me away with his stand up appreciation and coolness factor of him. So please take a look as he has all sorts of interesting stuff. Thank you teejaybee, you are the bees knees.

ta ta for now