So far I have bought 3 baby gates for the apartment which Stretch still manages to get through and we have started to bring him into the same room with the girls. Right now Stretch and Sadie are the first to start working things out, which means Sadie hissing at him, Stretch chasing her and then more hissing then some judicious hiding by Sadie. But she is more dominant and I think will work things out a little faster. Stella on the other hand is being a total drama queen with much hissing so much that she starts to drool and now in the chase have broken at least one item. But we are going to make this work, by hook or by crook. It just takes more time, or at least that is what I keep telling myself. I joined the bulletin boards of the ASPCA which is the primary animal rescue/protection group here in the US and tried to get some help but their discussion boards are proving not to be much help. My friend has kept us on the same track and I guess again it is just patience and time. At least the girls are getting along better.

Today is my 55Th birthday so I am celebrating with some friends over to our place for dinner and possibly a movie if we can do that. We might go see Hellboy II which we saw the first one and enjoyed a lot. My brother saw Batman and said it was all that the hype made it out to be, so I do want to see that. Generally I am not a big blockbuster person except for certain movies, like the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and for some reason I really liked the old Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. There are a lot of movies I haven't seen due to laziness which some day I will get around to viewing. I like movies with a story, action is OK sometimes but I don't think special effects make a production they just add to it, so if the story sucks I don't care how much technology you put into it, it will still suck.

I find as I get older I seem to becoming a bit of a crank, as you can see by some of the things I say about where NYC is headed culturally and socially. Diversity is not just a "nice" idea it makes for such a more interesting and enjoyable place to be, the white-bread quality of New York is just boring. And yes, young well off couples with kids have their place, they just shouldn't be the totality of the milieu around us.

ta ta for now