Well I am actually feeling much better about all the issues I have raised about the passing of my cousin. I think it was the trip home that spurred all this introspection and aroused some unfinished business for me. As I was told in an email, Danny lived a rich and full life and I think he left a wonderful legacy of both what he did and who he was. I am not necessarily done thinking about these things but for now I am taking a break. There is life to be lived, art to think about and things to do. Thank you teejaybee for your kind thoughts and I am glad I wrote what I wrote. I am not a big fan of confessional writing or over-sharing and I don't feel like I did something cathartic but put down my thoughts in writing helped me sort out a lot and just admit a lot of what was floating around in my head.

I do want to share about my friend Steve who should also be honored and celebrated. Both these guys were exceptional people who I am so glad were in my life.


ta ta for now