Well it may be that you can't go home but you sure can visit and this was a good visit. I am very glad that I saw the people I saw, family is very important to me and that was my priority. But I was also able to visit a couple of tourist spots. To me it was really going back and down the historical path of my life. The Bronson Caves, Barnsdall Park, the Observatory these were all places that have meaning to me. Each location has stories for me and helped shape the person I eventually became. I have been having an interesting back and forth with Gee Dub about my travels so you can read the discussion on the previous post. This was good for me, did the things I needed to do to help take care of my family and to renew my bonds with family. Sometimes I feel disconnected by the distance and I feel adrift so this was as much for me as for them. And I was able to pass through another point in my dealing with my cousins death. It is no less disturbing but the passage of time and the process of mourning and healing truly works. And the truism of focusing on other peoples issues is always good to take ourselves out of our own narrow focus on our problems.

I wasn't able to take pictures but one of the places I visited that amazes me every time I go there is Costco. What a monument to American style retail, with over sized grocery carts, massive mounds of foodstuffs and pallets of electronics, with tasting stations and huge freezers full of international foodstuffs flash frozen waiting to be microwaved. I am agog with amazement by the sheer amount and scale of "stuff' to buy and take home. The huge bags of rices, row after row of condiments, hot sauce, premade mini meals I shuffled through the store with my jaw slightly askew in an expression of "agape". It was quite the experience.

Funny my usual trip to LA includes visits to the following, Home Depot, Costco, Beverly Mall, Target, and the best of all the $.99 cent store. This was the first time I made it a point to go see some of the places that had to do with me. I wanted to do something other than visit or shop, I wanted to see my old home town. While posting these images I found links to information about some of the places I thought I knew something about, the information was new to me, I learned something about home that I never knew before and it was good. I went from memories and common knowledge to real knowledge. This was important to me.

ta ta for now