So now I am walking everyday and you can see my route which doesn't change., So I walk past the same places see the same things everyday but I don't. The river changes depending on the weather and the time and tides, boats come and go, the people on the promenade come and go and the flowers are blooming at different times. But best of all I notice the slight changes in the light as the season changes and how even with small variations of my starting time the light hits the buildings and the water in slight variable manner. As the old philosopher says, you can never go into the same river twice. So I start off with deja vu but in fact I am not seeing the same thing everyday. Photography has changed my perception of the world and the sensibility of light around me, and I look for those variations in the world for me to soak in as I travel. I want to see the differences I concentrate on the sensual experience of my walk. Yes health and exercise are at heart of my walks but it is the sensual experience which drives me. Sometimes I carry my camera sometimes not, though even there I take pictures again and again of the sunsets which still manage to move me. I feel a spiritual connection to those first plaine aire artists taking their easels out to the world to paint the light and the world around them. Those old guys who sat in the South of France to paint the light and harbors over and over again just to find the quality that moves them even if they have to paint the same scene over and over again calling them study number x through study x +y if you know what I mean. You keep diving into the moment just to see if you can find just one more element. Like sitting at a meal just licking the plates or sipping the dregs from the cups to see if you can get that last bit of taste or perhaps some new little taste. Isn't that what we do, taste the world and then describe the world to others through our pictures our writings our paintings, the list goes on. My teacher would say we are answering questions posed by the art, I don't know I am still learning.

Don't you sometimes wish you had that neurological disorder where you could taste the colors perhaps having beef sunsets or broccoli sunrises. Your dinners tastes blue or the chicken feels like it has spikes on your tongue. I would be interested in scrambling my sensory apparatus for short periods of time, and please don't mention drugs that was a time and life ago. And I am a drug tested employee, but theoretically I would find this fascinating.

Oh on the news is another crane collapse in New York City, it is bad enough that the greed has creating a soulless new New York which will only be the playground for the wealthy but they have to kill us to get there.

ta ta for now