That is how long it has been since I quit smoking, now this may seem to be very good but I haven't even hit my usual 3 year quit cycle. I am hoping and working on this being the final cycle and I have written about this before but I thought it was worth noting if only as a marker in my life.

I am very happy to report that I have now sent out poster size pictures to parts of America and to Australia where I am happy to say they were well received. To me size does matter at least when I am envisioning scaling things up or down. My fantasy is to have one of my pieces up on the side of a building in one of those major sized murals. But for now I am content with what I have been able to accomplish.

My goal for this summer is to visit a number of museums and galleries if possible. I need to see more art to recharge my batteries. And I have a wonderful book on photography that was a present that I should start seriously going through and studying the elements of the works inside to help me absorb some of the issues involved in creating something I like in this medium. Even photoshop works usually for me have to start with an interesting image, I don't really make up stuff from scratch though there are some great digital artists I have met that can do that. But for me I still want or need to have something that catches my eye.

You know I wrote this whole post about asking you the readers what you are about, of course the usual suspects answered and I got one new response from someone I hadn't heard from before but it is frustrating to me to not get some dialog going though it could be argued that we are indeed having a dialog through our images and videos and audio file. Still I am left a bit frustrated. I also had lots of ideas for posting this week and almost all of them have left the building.

Oh those of you who still dabble on flickr I am having lots of fun exploring my statistics which is an interesting feature they have, primarily from the referring URL which for me is primarily flickr and so I look up the search terms that are used to find my works. I wrote before I showed up heavily on some pornographic search terms though that is not the nature of my images, it was due to comments left by one of my contacts. But now I find that if you search for "top ten male models" one of my images shows up, or "male beauty or male model" and again there I am. Pretty good for a middle aged guy who feels a bit flabby in life.

ta ta for now