I posted a picture of my daily walking route, it is a lovely walk with lots of view of the river and the harbor. But I do this for a purpose. On my last blood test, my low density lipids of cholesterol were good and low, but my high density lipids the good fats were low. Now I take lipitor and add three fish oil capsules, and two red yeast rice pills a day which all help lower my cholesterol but haven't help raise the good fats which means I have to do something. On way is to double my lipitor which can help but I hate increasing my meds so the other strategy is to exercise which raises the high density lipids. So I am back to walking which is also aimed at reducing my weight and my gut which I have added over the years. I was skinny as a rail when I was growing up and don't know how to deal with getting fat in my middle age. Hence the walking.

Does this relate to art, not at all unless you consider making art a human endeavor which I am.

I went to a postcard show for collectors today. What an amazing collection of bits of history that are encapsulated in these cards. Got to go to dinner. Will return to finish. So the postcards really do have every subject as their content, from nudie pics to locations to war to all sorts of odd things. The one thing that caught my eye was the collection of orphanages, insane asylums, institutional homes of various sorts. I guess these places were subjects to postcards and there was a very interesting guy selling them.

ta ta for now.