Done with school, summer is now in session. And if you look at my pictures I now have up pictures of my final art project, the "thingasaurus" which is my representation of some type of animal creature. I was told that is was truly a larryosan type creation. There were some real kick ass creations from the kids but as I used to say about my acting, "I may not be a "star" but my acting is definitely my own". So this may not rock the art world but is truly me. A certain whimsy factor and some different approaches to the subject matter.

As I said before I got an A in programming and who knows how I will do in the art class, but as I said in a letter to the head of the art department that this part of school has been the most gratifying. I really love how the art classes have made me feel so good, full filled and happy. In fact the last conversation with my previous art teacher Mr. Haske who by the way can be googled, "Joseph Haske" is really interesting. He said when you go to art school you join another family that includes Rembrandt and van gogh, you may not be as famous or even talented as they were but you are now part of that legacy and part of that conversation. they are now one of your families. It really stopped me and sent a shiver up my spine. I told his how important it was to me to be able to talk to working artists, no matter what level my involvement was, in that it gave me a sounding board for these issues that are common to all artists. I needed that element in my life. As I do here, to express the things that trigger new thoughts or problems I want to address in my art or writing or however I wish to express that element of creativity that resides in me.

ta ta for now