I have taken a bit of a break on doing my postcards to the point that Amiko thought I was stopping. I had to write that in fact I wasn't but just having other things to do right now. I am very happy and pleased to find out that I got an A in my flash programming class, something that I felt was beyond me but wanted to try it out anyway. I find it hard to think like a programmer, or at least like my buddy who is one at work. But the way I wrote my programs was to think of each part as a little machine that I linked together to build the bigger machine. I kept thinking in terms of types of circuits that I learned about when I studied to be an electronic technician. And it worked well enough to get me through the class and do very well. Now I have to finish my sculpture class which has also been a challenge as I don't really think in three dimensions and it is extremely difficult for me to envision that way. I have two more projects to have finished and one class to do it all.

I hope you like my latest offerings on my photostream. I particularly like my self portraits with the postcards sent to me by Amiko and TomSwift46 both of which were very interesting and I wanted to show how much I liked them in a way that had my larryosan stamp on it. I think I did that and got what I wanted.

I also have some stuff from a dance performance done at the World Finance Center Winter Garden which is celebrating its 20th anniversary with art projects. This piece was done with local people one of whom I know so I went to the last two performances and quite enjoyed the work. I posted a few more pics up at flickr than I did here but put more thought into the titles here and posted my video here, I probably won't at flickr.

I look forward to the summer, I hope to take more outdoor pics, make some more postcards and in general spend this time in some form of creative activity.

ta ta for now