Last night I went to see "Waiting for Hockney" the story of a young man who spent 8 years on one piece of art and went to great lengths to meet David Hockney who he was convinced would understand and appreciate who he was and what he had done. At the end I told the director and producer that I thought they had done a wonderful job telling the story, it was suspenseful and engaging and fun. While the story was centered on the world of art, the underlying theme was the need for validation for our endeavors. At one point one of the people said, everything we produce is valued somewhere between worthless up to priceless. Now anyone who has read my writings you know that I spent a great deal of time wondering about my own validity by looking to image views and views of my body of works. As if numbers could provide the measure of the quality or worth of my product. Well that was what this young artist was caught up with, though he had higher aspirations than me, actually finding a way to have David Hockney take the time to view his piece of art and relate his views on the work itself. I won't tell you how it turns out, though if this movie comes to a theater near you I would urge you to see it.

I haven't sent out any postcards lately, I am nearing the end of the school semester and I am working hard to finish up my school work so I can get good grades. As I have said before, I love school, especially my art classes. I even went to the length to write the head of that department to let them know how much I have appreciated the instruction and intellectual stimulation I have gotten by members of the art department. I have enjoyed my computer classes but it is the art class that really rocks my boat. Even if I don't always feel confident to be able to do the work.

If you visit my pictures here or on flickr, (same name by the way larryosan) you will notice that I have lots of flower pictures. The winter here was not hard, but it was long and it seems that spring has just exploded with trees loaded down with flowers, large swatches of color along the roads and in all the planters near public spaces. I have just loved all the color so I have been snapping away, I use a particular technique pushing my camera zoom all the way to get those in the flower pictures. It has been pretty gray outside for this week, but it is still beautiful with lovely soft white diffuse light everywhere. Even the most mundane of views seem wonderful to me right now.

My sculpture teacher gave me a bunch of art magazines a small box of old postcards and stamps and we won a couple more tickets to movies from the Tribeca film festival so life is good.

ta ta for now