I went and saw the move about Diego Rivera, very interesting with great pieces of paintings, photography and film from the 30's and 40's with Rivera himself and bits from his family. Aside from the historical interests, the visuals were fascinating for understanding the artistic expressions of that period. I would recommend this movie despite minor defects. A good one for anyone interested in art and history especially in Mexico. And the creators were there to answer the questions which is always a wonderful treat. I think I mostly appreciated seeing the visuals the photographs, going back to the same locations for views in this time period, the movies of the day with idealized Mexico and all of it really worked for me. The history and the characters were a bit hard to follow and I got lost a little here and there.

My amazing collection of Amiko art is growing by leaps and bounds. I am not closer than ever to dominating, nay crushing anyone else who even thinks of dominating the world of Amiko art collecting. And one collector shall rule them all, and it will be me!!!!!!!

I wrote about my numbers before on flickr, well I had one picture that this guy had commented on with pictures of naked and half naked women and used a couple of pornographic terms in his comment. Well it turned out that google.images using those terms was hitting my pictures giving me numbers in the hundred of thousands for this image. So I hid the picture from public view and my hits plummeted which is fine with me and quite amusing. Now searches that hit my images are more in tune with the content of my pictures. The whole thing is kind of funny. But I think I that is that for that particular episode.

I am posting lots of flower pictures and this primarily due to my being happy at spring being here and the lovely job the people who do the planting around me are doing a great job and I just love the colors. So expect more flower pictures from me, I just enjoy them whether or not they have any artistic value. I am not really a "photographer" I am a picture taker, a photoshop manipulator, a recorder and all the rest.

Welcome aboard any new readers I hope you enjoy my blog, some of it is worthwhile and I suspect some is not, but I am no judge of that.

ta ta for now.