Other than the fact that I am attending a couple of movies I don't really have much to say about the film festival. While I enjoy watching movies and after taking a number of acting classes and doing a bit of acting my tastes have become a little more stringent over the years, I can't claim any great knowledge of movies. I am going to see "Waiting for Hockney" and "A portrait of Deigo" both in the documentary area which is what I enjoy these days. Last year I saw a movie about Sam Wagstaff which was fascinating. I have also seen an updated Zatoichi which was a real treat and very interesting as I used to go and see the original Zatoichi movies at a little theater called the Toho La Brea with my brother who turned me onto Samurai movies and I have some posters from that period from Zatoichi and the Assassin with a son series, "Lone Wolf" I think it was. Not the bastard version they butchered for American screens. I loved the cinematography of those films, the countryside and the period costumes and the various characters. I also got to see a move called Planet B Boy which was a documentary about dancers from around the world. It was shown on this giant outdoor screen they set up behind the World Finance Center and show movies for free. Very cool and I got some nice pictures as well from the experience. With all the building in the area, the festival is showing more movies out of the area, that is ok I think overall the whole thing is kind of nice for everyone.

The other nice thing is how spring is just popping out with new plants abounding planted by our local conservancy and the trees are filling out, it is just life renewing after a very long winter, though not a harsh winter it just dragged on and on.

ta ta for now