Well before getting to anything remotely connected to art I will bore you to tears with my slice of life. So I am hitting the road again, doing my evening walks in the hope of raising my levels of high density lipids (the good kind) and to lose weight (fat the bad kind around the gut). I am headed towards getting back into my routine of at least three times a week going at least an hour of good brisk walk. Since I live right near the Hudson River and the New York Harbor this is a very pleasurable thing to do. When I am on the road I start to get into a nice mood with the water to my side and the breeze cooling me off and the feeling of very large expanse when I get into position to see the harbor and the Statue of Liberty and seeing the large container ships waiting way out there to come in and be loaded or unloaded in New Jersey. So the I feel expanded after spending the day in one of those gray little offices with gray little people, actually they aren't but it sounds good.

I am almost done with school for summer vacation. I am sorry to see the semester slip by so quickly, I haven't finished my paper sculpture, partly because the teacher enjoys talking to me which slows me down, but that is ok. I love my art classes, they have been the most fun of going back to school. I am thinking about taking a music class like a survey of classical western music, I saw an interview with the head of the music department and I really liked what he had to say about teaching people about music and the philosophy of musical creation. Very interesting indeed, with the issue of whether music is to provoke emotion or to express emotion and the implications of the differences.

Well I do know that I am looking at things differently and hope to continue the expansion of my perception of the world around me especially music and art. The computer stuff I enjoy but I am not good enough to enjoy the elegance of a well constructed program. And I know there is an elegance there.

ta ta for now

ps. I got an Asus eee computer, is very cool.