I spent a great deal of time and worry about my page views on flickr. Now I have about thirty thousand and a few thousand over here and it has become meaningless to me. I feel a tinge of concern time to time but I feel much more involved in the count of images I post and the number of postcards I create and mail out. The issue for me is now what artistic direction I want to take or would I recognize a direction if it came up and bit me on the ass. Oh on numbers, one of my images was getting a huge number of hits, through pornographic search terms due to conditions outside me control. I let it go on for a while but I decided to make the image private, it was amusing to see the numbers in my statistics mount up but I got tired of that and ended this. So I want to be more conscious of what I produce, the cards being my primary outlet.

Look for more on the subject. Got to eat and run off to a meeting.

ta ta for now