You may think that my criteria for not posting is based on how good I think the pictures are according to my taste. Well that is partly true, but tonight I went over to the World Trade Center site to see the preparations for the Popes visit on Sunday. Now they have put up a tent and set up flags along the long ramp down to the base of the site where the Pope is going to conduct a ceremony. Now I went around 11:30 tonight which is nice as there are almost no people in the area and I was able to take a series of pictures of the area and the flags. Now one could argue that this is a significant event and the pictures are worthwhile based on that alone. But you know, I just can't bring myself to post any pictures of the WTC site, I can take pictures of tourists and the area around there but not the site itself. I take no high moral ground on this, nor am doing something significant by drawing this line but it is a line for me. I am not sure why this is so, I don't feel it is improper or some sense of "sacred" ground or any of that, I just don't want to add my camera to the flood of pictures floating around of this area.

I don't post crappy pictures but that doesn't mean I delete them either, I keep all my pictures or almost all of them as elements I can use in my photoshop constructs. Many of my creations from photoshop are never saved, I just let them escape into oblivion until I come up with something that just grabs me and says finished. I can't always tell you where I think I should stop but I just kind of know, and if the picture falls on either side of that decision line then I just revert to the original and let it go.

I am also trying to not post the exact same groups of pictures here and on flickr, if for no other reason than I don't want to have two exact same collections. It does get confusing at times. And I find that pictures are popular in different ways between here and flickr. My postcard series is taken a lot more seriously here than on flickr, and other pictures seem to have bigger impact over there.l

ta ta for now