First, how do I publish my postcards to the web. Well I send them out after production and then I wait for awhile to give them time to reach their destination. After I think that people got them, then I publish them so there is still a bit of surprise for the recipients. So that is why you don't see them right away.

I have had a sad event come into my art world, I lost my copies of Traveling (by Proxy) man pictures so that series is coming to an end, except for the pics I haven't published. I am not sure if I am going to redo them and start up again or leave this to become an episodic occurrence that has value due to not continuing.

I am still pondering a question from one of my art teachers, what do I want to accomplish with my piece that I showed him. I don't set out to accomplish anything when I do a piece, but then again, there has to be some motivation or direction or I wouldn't do anything, so it is sitting there in my brain but not necessarily accessible to my conscious mind. And how do I arrange the elements of my works, and how does that further my work in the direction I am not even sure that I am going. Confusing to you, it is to me as well and this is what is going around in my head. I think I am just too darn cerebral about my work, hahahah.

ta ta for now