One of the questions that constantly plagues me is where to go next, as if I have to go somewhere as opposed to dwelling in one place and fully appreciating the view. Perhaps it is a product of our current age where we are constantly bombarded with the message of seek out new sensations, new ideas, new products, new and improved life styles, new new new, when in fact we really live in cycles and ways that are for a great part repetitive and we do the things that our predecessors did with new gadgets but with similar if not the same ends. When I operated a subway train, I may have driven a subway car with all the latest technology but really was I doing anything that was all that different than the first subway operator, even if he did particular things differently we both ended up accomplishing the same things. So in art and culture in general how many new paths are there, the context may alter and we try to do new things but how much do we really do that hasn't been done, how many new ideas do occur in this world.

Yet at the end of the day, I want to leave the world with something new. Go figure!!!!

ta ta for now

PS, I got a great postcard from Amiko and it was nice to have an artistic dialog with him. That is how I see sending him my cards and getting a card and a painting back.