We went to see Candide tonight at Lincoln Center tonight. Now I can't say I have much experience with opera except for listening to some on the radio and watching a few on TV. Candide was interesting as first it was a rare American opera and I could watch and understand the singing and actually had read the book it was based on. Considering that any cultural event that takes a swipe at the Catholic Church gets a lot of flack in NYC and that the Pope was coming to town, I am surprised that this opera didn't have any problems with the Catholic League as it uses the Church to make a number of rather harsh points and mocks the impiety and hypocrisy of the leaders of that institution. The opera is both rather bawdy in the old fashioned sense of the word and has lots of gay undertones not disguised at all. And it was just plain funny. So all in all I had a good time, though I was falling asleep but that has more to do with my current sleep problems than with the quality of the show.

Oh and I took the opportunity to gather more Traveling (By Proxy) Man pictures of various locations in the city. I think by doing this project I may end up with more pictures of NYC than I usually do, normally I just shoot in my neighborhood and associated areas where I live and work. I think this will force me to go farther afield for backdrops to my project. And I am working on more cards, I just sent out about 8 of them and now working on new ones. Making the cards is also pushing my photoshop work with my images now in different directions with how will they work on a card in mind. This is different than simply reworking images for the monitor or even to print, now I am looking how to make something that I want to take samples of in a physical manner.

ta ta for now