I don't think I really have anything to say about the Pope coming to New York except that it will tie up traffic and make my neighborhood very difficult to maneuver around. I have nothing profound to say on anything else relating to his visit as religion is such a touchy subject, part of human beings deepest feelings and belief systems. The question of why we are here, whether or not we have any purpose other than that we invent for ourselves, and the ultimate issue, death cuts rather deeply to our sensibility of our own importance and place in the universe. Other than the issue of major intolerance and the problems of integrating religious values for civil values in our society I don't want to get into it. I do have problems with those who wish to impose their particular value system based on their particular beliefs, there is an assumption that the prevailing belief system is the only right system. Or that assumption that moral values can only be derived from a religious system is offensive to me, it assumes that those who don't share one set of values cannot share other values like regarding life as important, a revulsion to the physical or moral degradation of others or wishing good things for others.

Art is one way a person can address the spiritual questions of life without necessarily engaging a historical system of beliefs, hopefully we can ask the old questions within new context or new imperatives.

ta ta for now