While I am not giving up, perhaps you all felt somewhat shy about talking about yourselves, which is a surprise to me as creative people are fascinating but now it is time to move on. Back by popular demand of two (people that is) so here I go.

You will see some new pictures and a new album up real quick, I have expanded my traveling man series in a way that was even a surprise to me. I guess my signature is not to have a deep questing into any particular portion of my art, but to be somewhat facile and shallow in regards to what I am doing at anyone time. How is that for a mouthful of words, hmmm. Well I want to keep trying out different stuff, not to impress you of those who look at my work, but to help keep me fresh and to spend the time now to explore my various artistic options before committing to a singular path if I ever do.

Do you ever dream of driving down streets or living in apartments that seem so familiar yet are not real in the real world sense. I constantly have dreams of driving around neighborhoods and a number of dreams about living in various apartments that I believe are really amalgams of all the places I have lived and driven in. Yet in the dreams they all seem to be from one period of time in my life when I lived in Los Angeles, yet I know that this is not true, the streets remind me of Boston and Detroit and even New York, so that is why I think they are a smear of my memories.

So anyway, check out my newest album, I hope you like the pieces and the idea.

ta ta for now.