I asked a variation of this question over on flickr and it ended up being one of the most interesting projects I have had over there. Now I am not sure if this will be picked up over here but what the hey, lets rip.

Who are you as a photographer, are you a visual tourist snapping pictures recording the world around you, do you look for special people, human moments, different or to the rest of the world, strange dress or behavior. Are you a discerning eye, the composition important to you, is your art in the moment of the capture, the composition of the image, or do you find yourself finding  a more active role in your pictures, do you stage imagery, do you look for geometric shapes to compose with, the natural or unnatural world of the city or the wild, do you work with creating a moment or posing or arranging in some way the world around you to create something that may not have existed except for you. Are you a photoshopper, or whatever software you use to shape your pictures in some way, are you a fixer or a creator. Those fixers are the ones who use the software to increase the impact of pre-existing elements or are you like me to create new elements or transform existing elements into something new. I put no value judgments here despite my own style, this is about you not me.

Why do you take pictures or make movies or compose music, what does this do for you, are you a seeker of fame big or small, is your creative energy devoted to receiving the acclaim of others or is this the result of a desire to satisfy your self. There is no right answer, as you can make arguments both good and bad about both directions. Why are you on Ipernity, do you seek the company of others in the creative world or do you need to share who and what you are in your art with others or do simply take pleasure in taking in the works of others or do the works of others bring you inspiration?

So who are you, what drives you, why do you do what you do, and avoid the easy answers, we are all people with a creative impulse, but what the most interesting drivers in your compulsion of creation?

I hope there are some brave souls who will take the opportunity to share what makes them a particular type of human being involved in this great sharing we call culture.

ta ta for now