Well after compulsing about my midterm, begging the teacher for extra time and extra availability from him for help I was the first one finished with my project. Now as I explain to my fellow students, I only go to two classes and run a very slow pace for school. I am also able to work on my projects in my free time at work. But I had no expectations that I would be able to accomplish what I had in the time I did, I guess I know more than I thought I did. I also worked on my project over the weekend and went into school to use their lab. When I told my mother about doing homework on the weekend, I qualified that by letting her know that hell had also frozen over. That was the kind of student I used to be, but now I am just another old compulsive grade whore. Oh, well that is what I am and I just have to accept this.

Now I had a hamburger for dinner but tried to cook it in the microwave, but found that microwaves cooking for over 7 minutes is a bit much and I ended up with a bit of carbonized meat. Which when I tried to bite into broke a piece of my braces. So now I have to go back to the orthodontist and get that fixed.

Oh and I am now compulsively messing with these new fingernails which I am told can lead to infection. I am surprised I am not on some kind of medication for obsessive compulsive behaviors. Thank goodness for photography and photoshop, otherwise I wouldn't have anything to eat and no fingers or fingernails left.

ta ta for now