The ranks of recipients of my postcards has grown, I now have sent cards to three locations in the US, one in Australia and now one in Canada. I know I have said it before but there is a difference when you share material as opposed to digital works. The whole process for me is wonderfully different where I can hold my pieces of art in my hand and appreciate the strengths and flaws of each piece. I get so excited when I take the cards to the mailbox and drop them in to begin their journey. And it is exciting to me that there is a destination and a variety of destinations. Even though here on ipernity and also on flickr my collection of contacts come from all over the world. Funny on flickr I have a somewhat large group from the United Arab Emirates and I have people from all over Europe and the US. So people from all over the world are seeing my works and that is not really a question. But it is still changes when I make something and send to someone. I guess it is the fundamental difference between digital and physical prints. I enjoy straddling both worlds and have connections to digital and film photography. I really enjoy taking pictures with my camera, my digital for its' ease of use especially moving my pictures to my computer. But it is lots of fun to grab my film camera and have developed pics and then work through the scanner. On both of these I end up with photoshop which is my darkroom. I am not a finesse person who tweaks with subtle changes to my pictures, I slam my pictures, I bang on them with filters and push contrast and levels around with abandon. I don't plan my works, I just mess with them until I find myself going into the direction that feels good to me. So I also enjoy the limitations when I print out my picture and then have to deal with scissors and glue. Can't just tweak around and around but that is most of the fun.

ta ta for now