I have a software (flash) programming class in school which right now I am working on doing my midterm. We are assembling a program that does a number of actions at particular times. So this is a high pressure moment for me, so of course we have to have a cleaning lady in on Saturday morning starting at 9 in the morning. Now of course I have Sunday to work on my program but now the drain pipe rotted away, I checked it out, and the kitchen sink is useless. Now I have to wait for the plumber to come around. Non of this is helping me figure out the programming problems I face, now of course I can do well enough to pass this class but I have been doing well in school so I can't bear to have my grades go down. The frightening thing about it is, now I am feeling compelled to work hard and do my best to get good grades. This is so odd to me as I was not a paragon of studiousness when I was younger. Now I am a grade whore.

ta ta for now