Thank goodness for school, not that it is easy going right now, in my sculpture class I am doing paper pieces which for me is rather hard as I am not good at detail work and thinking in more than two dimensions and in my programming class we are doing our midterm which is a flash program which is rather complex and to me daunting though I am not alone in that estimation. But it does keep me grounded to something other than the day to day nonsense of work and the politics of the office. Now things have calmed down and we have lots of work to do which is what I am doing, keeping my focus on the work and putting my vision into the future and not to worry so much about the now. Things will work themselves out one way or another and as long as I keep focused on what I need to do that is the best course for me. I am looking for other places to go but the whole organization is in upheaval due to a major upper management change so there are very few places to solidly ride out the storm. Not that I want to hide, just find somewhere that is a little more stable and the variables a little more knowable. But that may not be possible so a good outlook and work oriented will do me more than other ways to go.

So school is my balance to work and my postcards and art are a balance to all the rest. So hooray for school and hooray for art, it keeps us sane.

ta ta for now