If you were to google (now a verb, wow!) me by my given name you would not find me at all. I used to exist on the internet many years ago because I was an actor in a small theater company here in NYC, and I was in a few plays, in fact my big claim to fame at the time was I played Scrooge at least part of the run. Alas my acting career is over, the fame is gone, the greasepaint has dried up and I am no longer on the internet radar. At least in my own name, if you did look me up you would find a very interesting lawyer who defends native American rights. He seems to be quite active and wins enough to have a good reputation. I exist in his shadow, but that is neither here nor there, but if you google larryosan you do find me on flickr and ipernity and a few blogs scattered around that have used my works or have had some interaction with. Not big time or "internet famous" I am no Britney Spears or some odd singer on youtube, my achievements are much more modest, but I do exist. I have adopted a new name and to many people this is who I am, but have I fleshed out this person, do I have a personality that is unique to larryosan, I guess in some ways I do, as I write under this name and I put out art under this name and not my own. I have been thinking about putting my full real name in my tags to link them so I show up on the internet. I go back and forth, there is nothing that I have done that is controversial nor sends up big red rockets, which may be somewhat sad but I wouldn't suffer. I did write about work which is never really a great idea so I am going to wait as I don't want to end up a tag line on rights and the internet.

But I do wonder, if larryosan is so much more exciting than regular old me even though larryosan is me or is he? On television larryosan would end up taking corporeal form and eliminate me and take over my life and probably have a lot more fun and excitement. And that is what truly bothers me, he is more fun and exciting than regular old me.

ta ta for now