The weather was a bit nicer today so I finally hit the road again. What does that mean, well as part of improving my overall health and lose some unwanted weight I walk. No I don't run, as it is too hard on my joints and back. In fact I did a lot of study on the subject and feel that walking is a better form of exercise than running which to me leads to too many injuries due to the stress all the pounding puts on the body. If you are a runner, please don't let me stop you nor am I interested in debating the subject, this is what I chose for me and this is what I will state as my preference. So anyway, walking is a cheap and fun way to exercise and lose weight and improve overall cardiovascular health. My weight due to inactivity and sleep problems crept up beyond my normal range, in other words, I got fat. Now being underweight the majority of my life this is not an easy condition for me to address, so now I am having to deliberately find ways to reverse the condition. That and high cholesterol are the two things I want to improve. So I walk and I enjoy walking especially as I live along the Hudson river and the New York harbor which are wonderful views to enjoy while moving along. I don't bring a radio or any musical device, I spend the time trying not to think or I while away my time zipping my thoughts along various avenues of endeavor that I am plotting. Best of all I try to reach that zone where I am lost in the moment of movement where the physical act of moving my body becomes my focus not in the execution but just the joy of going from point a to point b, checking out people walking around me and the dogs or birds or pets of various sorts. And if I am lucky the weather is just right and gives me a wonderful glow.

Well, that is it for tonight, I don't have any deep thoughts, my life is not that interesting which is a good thing for me right now. I will say adieu and goodnight.

ta ta for now