Let me begin by thanking Jerry Lee and Amiko and teejaybee who all have been nice enough not only to follow my blog but to comment. Jerry I know I owe you some responses and I will when I feel a little better. And thank you to the silent observers who seem to find me interesting enough to come back and read my postings.

I am feeling a bit discouraged today about my traveling man, thankfully I have two people who wanted cards and have joined me in this artistic venture at least to receive my cards and Amiko who wants to help extend my project but for some reason I just can't seem to excite others about this. But no matter about my feelings I need to persevere with this and find more ways to continue pushing my work out and further for me. When I started on flickr I was so anxious about views and comments and now I have reached a certain number which is many times more than I ever expected anyone to view my work, but not so large that it sits up there with many other rarefied numbers held by many other people on flickr I don't worry about it. I have been seen by more people than I can think about so now it is about my wanting to push my art and not to worry about views or recognition or any of that. I want to improve, to evolve, to be more and refine my work. This is what occupies me currently, I know there is nothing really new since Adam but I do want to find a way to put my stamp my sensibility my identity on my work, to differentiate from others and the mainstream, I want to find my niche, which I have started to move towards but not fully moved into.

So that is my goal, to create art pieces that you can look at and say "larryosan".

ta ta for now