I have created a new gig for me at work, I get to produce videos. My aim is very basic, in as much as what I want to create are extremely short productions that are at most 30 seconds to a minute. Now I know that short videos are in fact very complex in that you need to pack your message into a short amount of time so the communication has to succeed without a lot of frills or help. In the corporate world of high end commercials this is an art and an expensive one that the most successful are true artists. They layer multiple layers of imagery and sounds and deliver extremely potent packages of persuasion. I did a short commercial more on the level of late night cable, my talent are just working guys who have a bit of charisma and sincerity that works in the organizational world. My message is short and sweet but I was able to justify doing some more pieces and whipped up the text and put in a nice subtext about cooperation between departments that have had a tradition of being at odds, so it worked out nice. Now due to my inexperience I was getting a bit anxious and was lucky that I had invited a more experienced member of our staff who helped me keep on track. The whole thing was really a group effort, I will take credit for creating the opportunity and for pushing certain creative elements but my success was is really dependent on the talents of others who I readily acknowledge. So today I was very happy and very glad that I am an inclusive sort of person. It works for me, and my history of success where I find it is based on this style of inclusion and generosity. I take no credit for somehow evolving towards this style of living, I give others who had taught me over the years the credit for that. But this is who I am and I am proud and happy with that.

So now in some small way I have branched out into video or at least being a part of this type of creative art, which is now including photography, digital manipulation, a tiny piece of sculpture and post card making. Good or bad, talent large or small I am at least giving vent to that part of me and that is the best of all.

ta ta for now