So I have a new group called the Traveling Man goes Traveling. I have sent my traveling man card to a new caretaker. But I hope that is not the end of traveling man as far as a larger project. What I would like to envision is not simply having my traveling man go traveling but others pick up the idea and do their own traveling man or women or thing and put up the pics in my new group. Now let me be perfectly clear about this, it is about having fun and perhaps making a project into something that may impact a little corner of the world. If you want to do this, once twice or more, or not or want to take one of my pics and print it out and take a picture of it in your corner of the world please feel free. Or post a picture you want others to take around the world, the possibilities are endless. But the point is have fun with this, it is not a job or a chore or something that has deadlines, etc. So that is my new project fun thingy.

Amiko has the Traveling Man now and if you are interested you too can be part of the traveling man chain, just contact Amiko.


In the meantime I have dispatched more cards and am debating whether or not to try mailing my card with threads on it, to see if any of it survives. I could put it into an envelope but then that kind of defeats the point of postal based art.

Oh, did I mention that I can't bite my nails with braces, so for the first time in over 40 years I have finger nails and will be visiting a manicurist soon.

ta ta for now