No matter how I feel about current circumstances the limits of my ability to control the situation is bound to my absolute position of proscribed power. I am not a manager and I have no influence with those in power. So my control of the situation can only begin and have any effect by starting within and applying self discipline. What I can do is do my work, push my projects forward and be ready to apply myself to opportunities that arise. If they do not, then so be it, if they do then perhaps I can make some things happen for me. The same principles apply to the process of making art, the materials that I work with constrain what I can do, but I can make choices within those constraints. Between the two I may end up with something I can feel proud of. The digital process has its limitations, in some ways the power of alteration of digital information is a limitation. It sounds like it should be the opposite, digital imagery can be manipulated in so many ways, to so many degrees and warped, filtered, overlaid, mixed the list goes on and on. Film has its limitations, film speed, the colors, what you can do physically, even if you can develop the film yourself or not, the processing in printing which again may not be available to you, but I think those limitations can be liberating and offer you alternatives in choices and turn the artist inward to be more creative. I have always had problems with photoshop because to me the biggest issue was knowing when to stop. We have all seen it, the over photoshopped image. There again, self discipline and limitations are the keywords.

I don't know if this is clear at all, but the road of choices are presented or forced by the materials or realm we work in, I think that we need to see how those choices are forced and how we ultimately find control. Maybe as some people would say the piece of art at the end of the making forced its way into being, and that might be the truest statement of all.

ta ta for now