First day back at work, love to see my coworkers and say hello to my managers. These are not the people I have trouble with, I enjoy doing what I do. My job is somewhat creative again and I like making things happen and solving problems, it is our new upper management that I have problems with. So at the end of the first day back to work, struggling with waking up early again, feeling that first day back blahs and we have a meeting at the end of the day, our assistant vice president who has been shaking things up and making our unit plan to do things in a rational and interesting manner is now gone. As of Tuesday afternoon she is now working somewhere else with us left with an acting manager and absolutely no information on how, what, why or any inkling of the future. God forbid anyone tell the peons anything. Personally I think the crapaholics have won out the day for now, and the future does not bode well for anything new or better. I think we will sink back to the same old crap we have done before and will continue to do, as the people at the top take us back 20 years to an organization they remember and understand. The idiots are running the institution again, not that we had much better but they can take it back to worse. It can always get worse, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I wish I had something interesting to write about, some new art movement, something creative and powerful I have witnessed or tried to do, but no I am mired in shit.

ta ta for now