Film matters and great photography is not going to be diminished by very very good photography. Why do I say that now that I have been going back and forth and questioning all this time. Well I did two cultural things this weekend, first was a trip to the Noguchi museum in Queens where I saw some of the most amazing sculptures I have ever seen and the second was a trip to an art gallery in Chelsea where they had a small show of Mapplethorpe portraits. Including Isumo Noguchi. I first really became aware of Mapplethorpe as a photographer during the trial in Cleveland over the exhibit there a number of years ago. As with many things the first thing I did was go out and find books on the subject and looked at his work. Later we had gone this last year to a movie about his companion and influence Sam Wagstaff. While Mapplethorpe is primarily known at least to me for his erotic works, he was a tremendous portrait artist who did many important commissions and this show was a small slice of that work. It seems anyone who was anyone of his period had him do them. I suspect at least for a few, in more ways than one. Anyway, seeing his work is stunning to say the least, and to see photography printed out handing on the wall, solidifies my feeling that pictures must be printed to be truly appreciated. Now I am as digital as the next guy but I feel that the monitor while a nice way to show imagery just doesn't make the same impression or I should say it changes the experience, it is something different and photography shown this way is different, it is something else than the traditional format of prints, not only in the obvious but the whole experiential manner. Monitors are more removed from the subject matter, electronics mediate the experience. Now ambient light does change the experience for prints but it seems to be more than that. I guess even at this point I think that the sensual experience for certain things like photography and books matters. I could look at Mapplethorpe pictures on the web but it just isn't the same as walking around a room, moving towards and away from his pictures. Well that is enough on that, but I will say this, although I have looked at loads of fun and interesting pictures here and on flickr when you are confronted with genius like I was at the museum and the gallery the experience becomes transcendent. And I for one walk away knowing I have done something different at that moment.

By the way, Amiko says that this blog is one thing he looks forward to, that puts a lot of pressure on me, not bad just a lot. Though I doubt if he is experiencing anything transcendent after reading this.

ta ta for now