Since I have taken up residence here at Ipernity my stream and views on flickr has gone moribund, I am stagnating over there. Not that I haven't added more pics, I have but not in the systematic manner that I have done over here. I find that this audience has appreciated my postcard and traveling man series much more than over there. But what this really has made clear is the true bedrock of this web 2.0 phenomena which is that I have not been as involved in the social aspect of the life of flickr. Yes I go on and fave a few pics here and there and even try to leave some comments but my true involvement right now is here, especially with my blog. So I find that I have gotten a fair number of views and people's interest here and my stream on flickr is creeping along so slow that it is almost nonexistent. And I find myself kind of bored when I go to flickr, not that my contacts stuff is boring but I just don't have the same level of energy going into it. I think it may be the newness of this site and that it is much more Euro-centric which is interesting to me even when I can't read any of all the writing and back and forth commenting going on. I feel like the kid with my nose pressed against the glass looking in.

So for now I don't mind, I will do what I have been doing and it really is the journey and not the end that is counting for me at this particular time and place. I may feel different later, but is for another day.

ta ta for now